Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our cattle are on real grass pasture and/or hay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They have free range to eat grass or hay whenever they want.

Yes, all of our beef going to market is pasture-finished. They are never confined to a feedlot or a separate area at any time before going to market.

No. All of our cattle are raised in small groups based on their size and age so the "big ones don't outrank the little ones". All groups of cattle are raised on real grass pastures appropriately sized for the amount of cattle per group so as to not overgraze the land. We feed in small groups so we can monitor intake of both grass and corn. We can also monitor other things like their health, water intake and their general quality of life. In the winter they are still on the same pasture-ground, but are fed large round bales of quality hay grown and baled on our farm. They have plenty of room to move around, graze, and relax any time of day or night.

We feed our livestock corn because it gives great flavor to the finished beef. Corn-fed beef tastes different than 100% grass-fed and we personally think it's because it gives the meat a little more marbling. In addition, our winters are too severe and we feel they need "extra" in order to maintain their weight. Another big difference about our beef is they are on grass/pasture or hay (in the winter) 24/7. So they get the best of both worlds – corn and grass! They're not standing in a feedlot or dry lot, nor are they in a barn. They are free range. The corn comes from our own field that we plant and harvest ourselves right here on our farm. We also grind our own corn from the cob, so the corn never leaves the farm.

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