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Customer from St. Charles, IL

Guys, it is really uncommon to find beef raised this way, and we love it! We've bought a side from Hagemann once before, after we lost the family friend that farmed this way (grass fed offered corn finishing on pasture), and were exceedingly pleased with the beef. No feed lots. This beef has most of the health & taste benefits of grass fed, with none of the downsides. Great rich sweet beefy flavor that comes from the corn finish, but real intense beefy flavor similar to pure grass beef. Plus, it's great that they are a family farm. You do business with the Hagemann family directly. Beef is processed at Eickmanns, the only processor that my family will use, do to their flexibility, and attention to detail.
We will catch up with Hagemann in fall, once our freezer is more empty!
Folks, these guys beef is the real deal!

Customer from Winnebago, IL

Our New Year's Eve dinner included our first ever steaks from Hagemann Beef. They were amazing! So much more flavor than what you get anywhere else. If you're ever looking for beef check them out!

Customer from Winnebago, IL

We absolutely love our beef from Hagemann! My wife and I canboth tell the difference ... and not only in the steaks ... but in the ground beef and the roasts as well. The pricing is always fair, especially considering the quality, and Karl and Tara are exceptional to deal with. Highly recommended!

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